About us

highQ-Components is an independent brand within InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH, whose roots go back to 1995. Already one year after its foundation in 1996 InnoLas started with the development of customized lasers and laser systems, such as wafer marking systems.

For these systems, a large number of reliable subcomponents have been developed and installed for more than 25 years. In addition to the self-developed products, the company Apex Laser UG including all rights, patents and licenses was acquired from Karl Waldherr in 2018 in order to meaningfully expand the portfolio, especially in the laser safety area.

All these high-quality components are now being further developed, built and distributed worldwide by highQ-Components in Inning am Ammersee.

We are very excited to sell these highly reliable engineered components to other companies & machine builders

  • Founded in the year 1995
  • Independent brand of InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH
  • Shutter and safety modules were aquired from Apex Laser in 2018
  • Production, development and service in Inning am Ammersee