High quality edge grip end effector, aligner & flipper


Highest cleanliness combined with low maintenance operation characterize our handling components for wafers. Thus, our components are successfully used in 24/7 production by a large number of wafer and chip manufacturers.

The intelligent end effector for 200 & 300mm wafers detects the position of the wafer to be picked up as it enters the cassette, greatly reducing the mechanical stress on the wafer.

In addition, wafers can be aligned and centered to an accuracy of +/-50µm using our edge grip aligner. With the flipper, semiconductor wafers can be auotmatically rotated 180° so that the top side is facing down without touching the front- or backside of the wafer.

Your advantage

25 years of experience with the fully automated transfer of wafers and the ever increasing requirements of our customers, has led us to develop our own edge grip handling products, which distanced the competition in special applications. With our own end effector, wafers can be moved as cleanly and with as little stress as with almost any other handling system.

Intelligent edge grip end effector

Edge grip aligner

Edge grip flipper

Critical data of the machine at any time!


Our data collection module displays the machine’s operating resources at all times. Thus, in addition to current and voltage, temperatures, flows or pressures of vacuum or compressed air can be displayed. In addition, a vibration sensor could also detect and display vibrations.

Your Advantage

Display and storage of important operating data at any time helps for predictive maintenance but also for troubleshooting. The raw data can also be transferred to a data base so trends can be created.

Data Colleaction Module DCM20

Piezo-driven optics for highly accurate reproducibility

Motorisierte Strahlaufweitung 2-8x


With our motorized beam expander, the raw laser beam can be continuously adjusted between 2x and 8x. In addition, the beam divergence and thus the focus can be defined with high precision. The piezo drives used allow the installed lenses to be moved with repeatable precision in the nanometer range.

Your Advantage

The motorized beam expander is available for 355nm, 532nm and 1,064nm wavelength.

Motorized Beam Expander