Lasersecurity Shutter modules & controller

Performance Level e (PLe) certified shutters for all kind of laser sources


With our external shutter modules, laser radiation can be reliably and safely shielded by installing the shutter directly after the laser head in the beam. All our shutter modules are controlled by a control unit type SLCU16.

Your Advantage

Our shutter modules are available with different apertures from 10 – 25 millimeters and are thus suitable for almost all laser applications from 0.1 Watt to 10 kW. Together with the shutter control unit SLCU16 our laser shutter modules also convince with the CERTIFICATION OF DEKRA with the best possible Performance Level PLe.

Shutter HQ-LSA10

Shutter HQ-LSA18

Shutter HQ-LSA25

Shutter Controller HQ-SCU16